Protect and serve with EnforcePro's range of selected police gear, perfect for law enforcement and security officers. Heavy duty build, multifunctional design and easy operation make each and every one of the EnforcePro products an indispensable and valuable tool for your arsenal of equipment. Our breathalysers are made to be highly accurate and easy to use. The Hawk I was made to function as both a traffic baton and an efficient alcohol breath tester. Our body cameras feature GPS location tracking, night vision, and up to 11 hours of non-stop recording. Additional tools such as the hands-free shoulder lights from EnforcePro are 5 times brighter than normal lights, visibility up to 500m, and promises easy hands-free operation so that you can be ready for action at all times. Browse our range of police gear below for more information.

Sentinel Body Camera with Night Vision

Shoulder Lights

Traffic Baton

Scout Body Camera with GPS